About Us

We are an Arabic language and culture academy located in the center of Granada. We are committed to teaching Arabic as a foreign language through immersing the student in a cultural and linguistic experience, with the full support of our staff and families from all parts of the Arab world.

Why to study Arabic in Granada?

Granada is usually described as a fairytale city, and since it was the last Arabic kingdom in Spain it has an enchanting mix of traditions, cultures and religions which makes it the perfect choice for students who seek to study the Arabic language in Europe.

Granada is located in Andalusia (South of Spain) where the Alhambra, a magnificent Arab Palace stands, Albayzin neighborhood , Calle Elvira , RealejoAlcaicería market and Calderería Nueva.

Almost all cultural activities are reachable within just minutes on foot, so our students can enjoy the maximum of the city without the need of using a car.

The Albayzin neighborhood is an old Arabic quarter located in the heart of Granada with narrow streets and old Arabic-style houses (Carmenes).

Educational vacations are now very popular, and at Qalam Academy our students can benefit from his/her vacation by exploring our wonderful city and at the same time learning a new language while being hosted by families of different cultures.

Our courses

We offer courses of Modern Standard Arabic (Classical Arabic) in addition to Arabic dialects such as Egyptian, Moroccan and Levantine (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan). Our courses start every week all year round depending on the student’s requirements.

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Our Staff

Our teachers are native Arabic speakers from all parts of the Arab world, with years of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. Our teachers are certified and some hold a Master’s degree in Arabic Literature or Translation which enables us to provide specialized courses for translation students or literature students with any combination English/Spanish/Arabic. Our teachers speak fluent English and Spanish and therefore classes can be held in either language to obtain the maximum benefit for the student.

Nawal Al Shalyan

Damascus - Syria

Director and main teacher in the Academy, Graduated in Pharmacy at Damascus. She is currently specializing in Arabic-Spanish translation. She has a significant teaching experience in Modern Standard Arabic teaching, she also teaches Syrian and Egyptien dialects. In addition to organizing many cultural activities Speaks: Arabic, English, Spanish and French.

Dina Hind Zarif Cócera

Legal Sworn Translator

Legal Sworn Translator and interpreter Arabic-Spanish vice versa, named by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Legal and General translator, Interpretations: General, Exhebitions, etc. Languages Spoken: English, Arabic, Spanish.

Raouaa Dahane

Morocco - Chefchaouen

Graduated in translation and interpretation, Arabic specialty, at the University of Granada, Teacher of the Arabic-Moroccan dialect in Qalam’s Academy. Speaks: Arabic, English, Spanish and Catalan.

Mohammad Hamada

Damascus - Syria

Graduated in Arabic philology from the university of Damascus, where he taught Arabic as a foreign language for more than 3 years, Then he moved to Granada where he continues teaching Arabic and doing many cross cultural activities . Speaks: Arabic, English and Spanish.

Zahara Medinilla

Granada - Spain

Executive secretary in Qalam Arabic Language center. Graduated from the university of Granada. Speaks: Spanish and English

Lora Abuita

Belen - Palestine

Completed her studies at the university of Jordan, and currently doing a master in professional translation (Spanish-Arabic), she has done many cross cultural activities with our students to obtain a closer look on the Arab World. Director of Rajaa Harwash Cultural Space Association in Granada. Speaks: Arabic, English, Spanish, German and Hebrew.

Ahmad Youssef

Damascus - Syria

Dentist, Writer, Musician, Business Administrare. Logistic planning and Andalusian Route. Speaks: Arabic, English, Spanish and French.

Student Accommodation

We offer various accommodation options:

  • Host family: native Arabic speaking families from Syria, Egypt or Morocco.
  • Private room in a shared apartment.
  • Private room in a guest-house with en-suite bathroom

Our Activities

Depending on the schedule and the time of year, we also offer the following activities :

Organizing workshops for Arabic Calligraphy, and Arabic Letters Art.

The Academy offers activities where students can learn about making dishes from the middle east and participate in the cooking, then sharing the experience.

Every week the Academy offers a free city tour to discover the beauty of Granada.

The Academy organizes events of live Arabic music, poetry and Book Readings.

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Modern Standard Arabic or Dialectal Arabic

55 miutes classes-all levels

Small group courses Fees
1 week intensive course(20 hours)

Extra week



1 week semi-intensive (10 hours)

Extra week



university small group classes 6€/h
One-to-one Courses Fees
Flexible schedules 16€/h
1 week intensive course(20 hours)

Extra week



1 week semi-intensive(10 hours)

Extra week



Other services Fees
Host family without meals
+ Breakfast Or Lunch
any additional meal
155€/ Week
35€/ Week
Guest-house private room with private bathroom 175€/ Week
Guest-house private room with shared bathroom 140€/Week
Private Room in a Shared Apartment 119€/ Week
Airport pick up/ drop of
Airport pick up/ drop of

Please note that we require a minimum of 3 students for each course, however, if there is 1 or 2 students registered the content of the course will be the same but the number of hours will be reduced by 50%(for one student) 25% (for two students) .

This is applicable to both Modern Standard Arabic and Dialectal Arabic courses.

Our Arabic Library

At the beginning of 2018 we launched the first Arabic library in Granada where you can borrow and enjoy reading books on philosophy, history etc. as well as novels and poetry in the Arabic language.