Staff members

Nawal Al Shalyan

Damascus - Syria

Director and main teacher in the Academy, Graduated in Pharmacy at Damascus. She is currently specializing in Arabic-Spanish translation. She has a significant teaching experience in Modern Standard Arabic teaching, she also teaches Syrian and Egyptien dialects. In addition to organizing many cultural activities Speaks: Arabic, English, Spanish and French.

Dina Hind Zarif Cócera

Legal Sworn Translator

Legal Sworn Translator and interpreter Arabic-Spanish vice versa, named by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Legal and General translator, Interpretations: General, Exhebitions, etc. Languages Spoken: English, Arabic, Spanish.

Raouaa Dahane

Morocco - Chefchaouen

Graduated in translation and interpretation, Arabic specialty, at the University of Granada, Teacher of the Arabic-Moroccan dialect in Qalam’s Academy. Speaks: Arabic, English, Spanish and Catalan.

Mohammad Hamada

Damascus - Syria

Graduated in Arabic philology from the university of Damascus, where he taught Arabic as a foreign language for more than 3 years, Then he moved to Granada where he continues teaching Arabic and doing many cross cultural activities . Speaks: Arabic, English and Spanish.

Zahara Medinilla

Granada - Spain

Executive secretary in Qalam Arabic Language center. Graduated from the university of Granada. Speaks: Spanish and English

Lora Abuita

Belen - Palestine

Completed her studies at the university of Jordan, and currently doing a master in professional translation (Spanish-Arabic), she has done many cross cultural activities with our students to obtain a closer look on the Arab World. Director of Rajaa Harwash Cultural Space Association in Granada. Speaks: Arabic, English, Spanish, German and Hebrew.

Ahmad Youssef

Damascus - Syria

Dentist, Writer, Musician, Business Administrare. Logistic planning and Andalusian Route. Speaks: Arabic, English, Spanish and French.